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Photos Appear Upside-Down or Sideways

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:37 pm    Post subject: Photos Appear Upside-Down or Sideways Reply with quote

When taking photos with an iPhone or iPad, as well with some other devices,THE POSITION OF THE DEVICE DETERMINES THE ORIENTATION OF THE PHOTO.

With iPhones or iPads, the Home button (the round button on the front of the device) should be on your right when taking a photo for it to appear right-side-up when e-mailed or posted to the forum. If the Home button is on your left, the photo will appear upside-down. If the Home button is at the top or bottom, the photo will appear sideways. If you use the volume buttons as shutter buttons by holding the phone with the volume buttons on top, you will take photos up-side-down.
    (Note that photos will APPEAR right-side-up on the device itself because it detects its position and adjusts the display accordingly. It can look OK when it's not.)
Other devices, at least some of which have this same problem, have not been tested for this article. Generally, if a device takes a photo which appears immediately, it is not taking the few seconds to correct the orientation. If you can contribute information regarding another device with this problem, please contact us.

If you have already taken a photo that does not appear right-side-up, there are easy ways to fix it:

Using Photoshop or other graphics software:

Transfer the photo to a computer with Photoshop or other graphics software. Open the photo with that software. If it appears right-side-up, simply save the photo. If not, you may need to rotate it first. You can then upload it to a forum post. (we have not tried the Photoshop iPhone app)


There are also free online photo adjustment sites, such as:

Fotor Photo Straighten

and many others. A web search will turn them up.


To fix photos on the device itself:

With iPhones or iPads:

View the photo in Photos, then hit "Edit":

Find a symbol that looks like intersecting right angles with 2 curved arrows:

Hit that, and another option will appear that looks like a square with a curved arrow:

Hit that, and the image will rotate 90 degrees. Repeat if necessary to get the photo in the correct orientation and hit "Done".


Another option is to use an enhanced camera app such as ProCamera (for iPhone). Experiments were done using ProCamera with an iPhone 8+ and the photo orientation was correct. ProCamera is inexpensive and will take higher quality photos.


More information and resources:


Do a web search for "iPhone photo orientation", or something similar, for more results and information.


It is always important to PREVIEW YOUR POST BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. Then you can see if your photos do or do not appear the way you intend.


This problem is inherent in Apple and some other devices. Apple products do record photo orientation data, EXIF, but do NOT convert photos because it would take a few seconds.

Don't blame this forum! This occurs on other forums, Ebay and other places where people upload photos from iPhones or iPads and some other devices. It also happens when photos are e-mailed to someone who views them with a computer.

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