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Private Messages, Including Outbox vs. Sentbox

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 8:10 pm    Post subject: Private Messages, Including Outbox vs. Sentbox Reply with quote

When you send a Private Message (PM) to another member, that message goes immediately to your "Outbox". It remains there until it is opened by the recipient. It then automatically transfers to your "Sentbox". There are two advantages to this:

    It enables you to edit or delete the message prior to it being read by the recipient, if you wish to do so, as long as it remains in your "Outbox"

    You can know whether or not your message has been received and (presumably) read.

This is a very nice feature, but one that seems to be misunderstood by some. If a message remains in your "Outbox", you should not assume that it has not been sent. It only means it has not yet been opened by the recipient.

If you receive an e-mail notification that you have a new Private Message, only to find no PM in your Inbox, it probably means the sender deleted it before you accessed your PMs. The sender has that option as long as the message is in the sender's Outbox. E-mail notifications are sent immediately when the PM is submitted and cannot be taken back if the message is deleted afterward.

Please note that PMs are PRIVATE messages. If someone sends you a PM, that person probably intends it to be PRIVATE and kept that way. It's not nice to publicly post the contents of a PRIVATE message on the forum without the consent of the sender. A technical fact, such as a part number, would probably not be considered a "private" matter, but it's a good idea to check with the sender before posting anything publicly which might be considered "private".

You shouldn't send PMs to mailing list users. If someone uses the mailing list only, and not the forum, they will not see any PMs. Please use the "email" option instead of "pm" if you see "Posted via the Mailing List" (later changed to all-caps) at the end of a message. Some people do use both the mailing list and the forum and can see PMs. How can you tell? You can't unless you happen to know that an individual does use both. If in doubt, please use "email" to send a message. That will always work.

Be careful when deleting PMs. If you click on the "Delete All" button and confirm the deletion, all your PMs will be deleted and cannot be retrieved. Be sure that's what you want to do when using that button. If you wish to delete only selected PMs, make sure you use the "Delete Marked" button and NOT the "Delete All" button.

Notifying Someone That You've Sent a Private Message:

When you send a Private Message (PM) to another forum user, that user is notified automatically in at least one of three ways:

1. A notification is sent via e-mail automatically.

2. When that user logs into the forum, a special window automatically opens notifying that user of a new PM.

3. Even if the user has 1 and 2 turned off in his/her profile (they're on by default), the message next to the PM icon near the top of each page will contain a notice of a new PM.

Posting a message to one of the Hummer forums saying something like "You have a PM" or "I've sent you a PM" is unnecessary. It's the very LAST place the person will find out about the PM. Anything posted to any of the Hummer forums also goes out over a mailing list. Such a message is obviously aimed at one, and only one, person. Why send it in an e-mail to 1,000 others? There are also thousands of other forum users who may have to read through it as well. You have just involved thousands of people in a message intended for one person who doesn't need it anyway because he/she will be notified of the PM before seeing it.
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