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Using the Memberlist

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:46 am    Post subject: Using the Memberlist Reply with quote

Using the Memberlist is the HARD WAY to find posts by, or profiles of, individual members. It is not recommended for this purpose. It is, however, possible, so the procedure is described below. First, the MUCH EASIER WAY:

Use the Search feature. There's an option to "Search for author":

Enter the member's username (you can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard if you aren't sure of the exact username or can only remember part of it), select any other criteria if desired, and click on "Search". This will give you posts by that member (or members matching the wildcard search). Then just click on the username in the column under "Author" and you'll get that member's profile page. Now you easily have posts by, or the profile of, an individual member.


Simply click on the "Profile" button on any post by any member. That will give you that member's profile. From the profile page, you can find all posts by that member.

You can also click on any username anywhere it appears as a link (in blue) to get that user's profile page. That includes in the topic list (under "Author" or "Last Post"), the results of any search (under "Author") or under "Who is Online" on the main page.

To use the Memberlist to find posts by, or profiles of, individual members (NOT RECOMMENDED):

The Memberlist is found toward the upper right of any forum page:

The best way to find an individual member is to use the drop-down lists to sort the Memberlist. Next to "Select sort method", it's probably best to select "Username"

Next to "Order", select "Ascending" (A to Z) or "Descending" (Z to A) depending on where in the alphabet the username falls.

This will give you an alphabetical list of usernames. Now, go to the bottom of the page and you'll find where you can jump to any page:

You'll see the total number of pages and there are 30 members per page, so you can approximate the location of the member for whom you are looking. Just enter a number in the blank and press "Enter". For example, if you jump to page 100, that will put you in the G's (if set to ascending order). You can go back and forth as needed to narrow it down until you reach the page which contains that member. Then, just click on the username to get that member's profile. On the profile page, there's an option to "Find all posts by....". Click on that to get all posts by that user.


You can see how difficult and complicated it is to use the Memberlist to find individual members. That is why it is NOT RECOMMENDED for this purpose.

The Memberlist is not a very useful feature, unless you want some specific information and you know what you're doing. For example, you can sort by "Joined Date" in descending order (newest to oldest) and you can see how many new members have signed up in the past week, month, year, etc. That's probably not something a typical user would need to do. There is no option to search the Memberlist, probably because that can be done using the Search function (as explained above). It's really not the best way to find an individual member.

So, in most cases, don't even bother with the Memberlist.

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