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Firearms and Weaponry

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:50 am    Post subject: Firearms and Weaponry Reply with quote

Due to recent complaints about firearms discussions being off-topic for the H1 forum (HML), it's time to establish an official policy concerning this subject matter. There has long been some occasional discussion of firearms and weaponry, but what often happens is this: A topic will be started which relates firearms to Hummers, then subsequent replies will be about firearms and the Hummer context will be lost. It then becomes an off-topic discussion.

From now one, firearms and weaponry will be treated like computers. Some people do carry computers in their Hummers and there have been discussions about laptop mounts, etc. Discussion of computers in general, unrelated to Hummers, is off-topic.

So, if you want advice on adding a gun rack or gun safe to your Hummer, it will be on-topic for the H1 forum (HML) or other Hummer forum (H2 or H3). If you wish to discuss firearms or any other type of weaponry in general, not related to Hummers, it is off-topic. If a Hummer-related firearms/weaponry topic gets started, then the Hummer context gets lost, it will become off-topic.

Off-topic discussions, when posted to the H1 or other Hummer forum, may be moved, edited or split.

There is no shortage of firearms forums on the internet. One of those would be a much better choice for discussing this particular subject matter.
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